Top 9 Best LG Microwave Oven in India 2022

Buying the best microwave oven in India 2022 needs some homework and research. This article will help you find the Best LG Microwave Oven in India.

Microwave Oven is one of the best appliances which can make your life easy.

To prepare delicious food at superfast speed is what a Microwave Oven offers to its users.

Microwave Oven is mostly used with the aim to save some time from the tedious job of cooking.

Those who love to cook food often, are happier to prepare a variety of recipes in a microwave oven. 


Cooking and baking have become smart with the best LG microwave oven in India listed below which is well manufactured and designed according to the present cooking specifications.

And functionalities in order to prepare a wide variety of dishes for yourself and your family members.

When this is possible to prepare any kind of recipe with super specifications available within the microwave at home, why would anyone wish to eat out anywhere else!

Get along with a simple yet delicious cooking way and bring the beautiful LG Microwave Oven in your kitchen!

What are Microwave ovens?

Microwave ovens are generally those electronic products/machines which are used for heating any kind of food item easily.

In other terms, a Microwave Oven can be considered as an electric oven that heats and cooks food through electromagnetic mechanism & dielectric heating.

Microwave Oven is among the best appliances for preparing delicious snacks and food recipes in less time.

What are the types of Microwave ovens?

There are 3 types of Microwave ovens:

01. Solo microwave ovens

Solo microwave ovens are an entry/ basic level oven which is mostly used for preparing simple foods by cooking.

These ovens are good for heating and cooking simple food.

These solo Microwave Ovens are way cheaper than other types of microwave ovens.

However, the price depends on capacity, quality, model, and the brand and varies accordingly.

02. Grill Microwave ovens

Grill Microwave ovens are another type of Microwave oven with special grilling accessories provided or inbuilt within the oven.

These ovens can be used effectively for grilling, toasting, and roasting apart from cooking and heating.

These ovens are most preferred when users want to prepare food items based on a grilling mechanism.

Come with a number of features and specifications and are preferred by many users. 

03. Convection microwave ovens

Convection microwave ovens are multipurpose ovens that can be used for baking apart from cooking and grilling.

The ovens are used for several purposes and hence are the most used and preferred ovens all over the world.

These ovens range from cheaper to higher prices based on their models, features, and specifications.

Which panel type to prefer?

Before buying a microwave oven, one should be aware of its panel type as they play a major role in your oven.

There are basically 3 types of panel namely mechanical, feather touch, and tactile buttons:

  • Mechanical controls are the panel type which is easy to use and are a durable one.
  • Feather-touch is the latest and innovative control panel. This control panel can sense the touch of a finger and operates on that basis. This panel type is easy to clean and offers accurate controls.
  • Tactile plus jog dial is one such panel where one can set the temperature and time easily.

These days panels are mostly touch-sensitive and hence are easy to operate. However, due to touchpad specifications, users need to be highly sincere while operating the Microwave Oven.

Key points to consider before buying a Microwave Oven

  • Go through several sites and brands and do the needful research on which type of oven you need in your own
  • Figure out the ideal size of Microwave Oven as per your family’s requirement. Consider less capacity Microwave Oven for bachelors and more capacity one for large families.
  • Check out the latest and special features & specifications offered by any Microwave oven.
  • Go for an oven that is within your budget and is a quality product.
  • The wattage of the Oven before buying. The higher the wattage, the better is the oven.
  • Comes with Microwave Ovens sensors or not.
  • A detailed specification for that particular oven that you wish to buy.
  • Go through the warranty card details before purchasing the oven.

Apart from this, you need to consider several other factors before you make a purchase of a Microwave Oven.

Important features you must check out in LG Microwave ovens

Before buying any LG Microwave oven, note down the key features that particular Microwave Oven offers.

Ensure that these quality features are included within that Oven before you buy them for yourself!

  • Auto cook menu
  • Child lock facility
  • Pre-heat and defrosting.
  • Timer
  • Warranty.
  • Rotisserie.
  • Sensor malfunction protection.
  • Touch panel and control panel.
  • Multi-stage cooking and steam clean.
  • Quartz Heater.
  • Keep warm,
  • Auto defrost veg & non – veg.

There are several more features that you can check out for each product separately in this blog. 

Safety Tips:

Before operating a microwave oven, one should be aware of how to operate it and what he should do or avoid while using the oven.

Below provided are some safety tips which must be considered while operating a microwave oven:

  • Oven mitts must be used as the vessels become hot in the microwave,
  • Avoid operating a microwave oven when nothing is kept inside to cook/bake/grill.
  • Keep the oven away from children’s reach.
  • Use only those cookware that is microwave safe.
  • Say No to metallic cookware.
  • Clean the interior and exterior of the microwave oven after every use.

How to bake in LG Microwave Oven?

Follow these simple steps and bake your first recipe in an LG Microwave oven:

  • Get started with the LG Microwave oven by switching it on.
  • Select the convection mode in the LG Microwave Oven.
  • Set the temperature required to bake the recipe/food item.
  • Press the start button so that the oven starts preheating in order to gain the temperature which has been set.
  • Now, after reaching that particular temperature, the user will get to hear a beep sound which is the indication of the fact that now food is ready to be kept under the Oven to bake.
  • Select the time to bake the food.
  • Once the food is baked, it will beep which indicates that the food is ready and can be taken out from the oven.

Best LG Microwave Oven in India

Here, we are going to share information on a few Best LG Microwave Oven in India.

Now, let’s move ahead and check out the list of best LG Microwave ovens in detail!


LG Microwave with a capacity of 28 L and is perfectly suitable for larger families to dine together.

This Microwave is Convection type and hence serves multipurpose activities in order to cook delicious recipes.

With this LG Microwave oven, it becomes super easy to cook, bake, defrost, and reheat any food item within minutes. 


  • It is mostly preferred for large families.
  • The Wattage of this microwave oven is 900W and the frequency is 2450 MHz.
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year.
  • LG offers a starter kit with this product which includes a curry bowl, idli stand,  serving bowl, spoon, and spatula.
  • Touch Key Pad of the control Lg Oven is sensitive to touch and easy to clean.  
  • The child Lock feature ensures the safety of kids.
  • One can easily make ghee by using the wonderful Oven within less than 12 minutes.
  • Now one can easily prepare curd and paneer at home and enjoy homemade snacks, lunch, or dinner.




LG microwave convection in India has several special features.

Try and cook exotic, mouth-watering yummy recipes from all over India.

The Microwave is beautifully designed and is available in black color which gives your kitchen a complete look.


  • It can be appropriately used for baking, grilling, reheating, defrosting, and cooking.
  • This product is under a 1-year warranty along with a 1+4 years warranty on Magnetron.
  • Control panel consists of Tactile buttons (it lets users set the temperature/timer) & Jog Dials.
  • Jog dials are very easy to use with a long life.
  • Prepare Pasteurized Milk at home within minutes.
  • Options to prepare Indian Rotis easily is available in the Microwave 
  • Now it is super easy to prepare Ghee within 12 to 15 Minutes.
  • The Oven works on Intellowave Technology.
  • Microwave Ovens lets you prepare these dishes with minimum use of oil.
  • Stainless Steel Cavity provides better reflection and uniform heating.



LG Grill microwave oven is the best in India.

This latest design Oven comes with Intellowave Technology which lets you enjoy a variety of favorite recipes with your family members.

The ENERGY SAVING feature allows users to save energy through automatic display off while not In use or in standby mode.

It is considered one of the best LG Microwave oven in India 2022 and is the best appliance for super fast cooling and grilling experiences.


  • Good for bachelors & small families.
  • Control panel includes a Touch Keypad which is sensitive in nature and pretty much easy to clean.
  • Microwave ensures faster and healthier cooking.
  • Anti Bacteria Cavity reduces the growth of bacterias inside the cavity resulting in no bad odor.
  • Quartz Heater can heat up food at a faster pace.
  • Best features include auto cook menu, keep warm, health plus menu.



The capacity of this wonderful LG Microwave Oven is 20L and can be efficiently used by bachelors or small families.

This Oven works on Intellowave technology.

Few important features of this Oven are 44 auto cook menus along with 28 Indian dishes.

Anti-bacteria cavity, keep warm & steam clean.

Easily prepare a variety of  Indian Cuisine, Health Plus menus Snacks, Breakfast recipes, Sweets, and delicious cooking recipes for Kids.


  • 20L Capacity it is highly recommended for bachelors & small families.
  • This LG Microwave is mostly used for reheating, defrosting, and cooking.
  • The microwave Frequency of this product is 2450 MHZ.
  • A year comprehensive warranty on LG Microwave Oven.
  • Touch Key Pad is sensitive.
  • Child Lock option is available.




One of the Best LG Microwave Oven in India is LG 21L Convection Oven.

This beautiful convection Microwave Oven from LG comes with a floral design.

It has the capacity of 21L and is good for small & medium size families.

Comes with a variety of features and facilities inbuilt and makes the cooking expertise easier and faster than ever.


  • Best appliance for bachelors & small families.
  • Package includes a starter kit, 1 Recipe Manual, and 1 CookBook.
  • Some other features provided with this LG product.
  • Child Lock facility is there.
  • Touch Key Pad is sensitive to touch.



The next on the Best LG Microwave Oven in India is LG 42 L Solo Microwave.

Bring home this wonderful 42 L solo Microwave Oven from LG.

To give your kitchen an outstanding look apart from experiencing smoother and faster cooking.

Smart Inverter technology available within this brand’s Microwave minimizes the cooking power to reheat and defrost for a variety of foods.

This oven is available in beautiful colors and is a good fit for large families. 


  • This LG Microwave Oven can hold a capacity up to 42L.
  • Being a solo microwave oven, it can be used for baking, reheating, defrosting & cooking delicious recipes.
  • Control panel comprises Glass Touch to set the temperature/timer which makes it easy for users to access them.
  • LG also offers a Recipe app to learn cooking and book cooking class appointments.
  • Package includes a Warranty card, a user manual, a starter kit.




This is among the Best LG Microwave Oven in India 2022.

A top-class product where it offers you the perfect reason to have this wonderful Oven in your dream kitchen.

Stainless Steel Cavity present in this Oven enables better reflection and offers uniform heating inside the cavity for cooking.

The concealed heater in the new LG Microwave Oven makes your oven absolutely safe for cooking as it eliminates any sort of hand injury while cooking.

It is one of the safest and in-demand Microwave ovens from the famous brand LG.


  • Capacity is 21L, best suited for bachelors or small families.
  • Comes with 151 Auto Cook Menu options.
  • It can be prominently used for baking, grilling, reheating, defrosting, and cooking.
  • Microwave wattage (Output) is 800W and Frequency is 2450MHZ.
  • Control panel comprises Touch KeyPad (Membrane).
  • This Oven had 5 Power Levels.
  • The Control panel is sensitive to touch and easy to clean.
  • Child Lock features present for the kid’s security.
  • A Warranty card and a user manual are included in the package.



Cook your favorite dishes at home with an LG convection microwave oven.

This LG Microwave is one of it’s kind and is one of the most preferred models across the nation due to its classy and elegant look.

Apart from the best features, it offers to the users.

This is a black color Convection Microwave with 32L capacity.

And this is mostly liked by larger families.


  • Charcoal lighting heater and Motorized rotisserie.
  • Best specifications include 365 auto cook menu with 255 Indian auto cook menu, tact Dial, dual display, drop-down door, steam clean, and active Convection.
  • The package includes a Microwave oven, an owner manual, a Recipe manual, a Cookbook, and starter kit.
  • Warranty of 1 year on the oven and 1+ 4 years on Magnetron is provided from LG.



9. LG 32 L Microwave Convection (Best LG Microwave Oven)

This is one of the best LG Microwave Oven in India 2022.

The capacity of the oven is 32L and us a good choice for large families.

Comes with a variety of features options which makes the cooking experience smoother, faster, and easier.

It’s a classy and wonderful Oven which will definitely make your kitchen look smarter.


  • It is Suitable for large families with 32L capacity.
  • Baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking can be done through this Oven.
  • LG provides a starter kit with this Oven.
  • Special features are Multi cook Tawa, Diet Fry, Indian roti basket, Ghee, dosa, paneer, curd, etc.
  • Comes with an Owner’s manual, a Recipe manual, a cookbook, and a starter kit is included.



Conclusion for Best LG Microwave Oven in India

With the LG range of microwave ovens, one can easily cook almost everything with just a single touch.

From stewing to roasting, baking, browning, pasteurizing, barbecuing, Diet Frying, heating, Steaming Grilling.

And much more can be done at a faster pace without any wastage of the time.

LG brand offers quality Microwave ovens with super features and specifications which makes it easy to select them or consider them while purchasing.

People generally tend to purchase such products which can help them in smoothening their work and this is what LG offers to its customers at the best possible prices along with the super quality and designs.

Above listed are a few Best LG Microwave Oven in India which you can consider while purchasing one for your own kitchen.

Share your experiences in the form of comments with us. We would love to hear from you!

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